Alternative Provision

Tackling social mobility in the communities we work in is a key focus of this Alternative Provision program; supporting local economies and driving opportunities for young people.

As part of the Alternative Provision program, we are supporting Year 10 and 11 students who have been taken out of mainstream school to get back on track, broaden their opportunities and enhance their employability skills.

Working on behalf of Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, we work with ten dedicated ‘alternative provision’ providers across the city and county who embrace the diversity of the young people who come to them; focusing on inclusivity and enhancing social mobility in communities. Every one of these providers gives young people who cannot succeed in mainstream education the chance to achieve, plan and train for a positive future.

We are always looking for local employers to work with us and offer alternative provision students the opportunity to volunteer, take part in work experience or careers workshops, taster days and even talks from employers about future career options.

We aim to make sure each student has at least four interactions with an employer, to help enhance their social mobility, build their confidence, their understanding of the world of work, and develop their CV. There is rich diversity in the young people benefiting from the support of this program, therefore all the work done with the alternative provision providers will be around inclusivity and improving opportunities.

Employers not only benefit from the CSR (corporate social responsibility) impact they can have working with those in alternative provision, they can also inspire young people and find real future potential employees, who are already invested in the business.

Futures for Business has a dedicated team of advisers who work with businesses and voluntary organisations to create opportunities and assign the right young people to relevant organisations in their area.

Young people are referred to alternative providers for a variety of reasons and it is our role to ensure they still receive educational support, while preparing them for the world of work and further education.

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