An Interview with a Leadership and Management Apprentice

Taking the next step in your career may mean moving up the ladder to manage a team and take on the responsibilities that come with that. Skilled, knowledgeable managers are a key part of any business, so your employer needs to know that you have the most relevant, quality skills to do the job.

There are many ways to gain those skills, but each method will have its own impact on the way you work and how suitable you are for a management or leadership role within your chosen industry or sector.

To learn more about the Leadership and Management Apprenticeship, we caught up with Anna Goodship, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Futures Group, who is currently undertaking a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship to compliment her position.

What was the original driving force behind doing an Apprenticeship, for you?

I don’t have any formal leadership qualifications. But, I applied for a promotion, got the job and have been honing my skills along the way, using examples from my previous managers and ad-hoc courses. I think the difference between leadership and management is important to distinguish and the formal qualification is helping me to do that.

Are there any advantages to learning ‘on the job’ compared to learning these skills in a classroom?

I get to practically apply the learning straightaway which gives me the opportunity to try different things and see what works quickly.

Who would you recommend the Leadership and Management Apprenticeship for?

Anyone new to management or anyone who’s looking at progressing into a different level of management.

What advice would you give to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

Embrace the opportunity to learn new ways of working. I feel as though I have a new enthusiasm for my work, and that is primarily due to the structure and inspiration I’m getting from this apprenticeship.

If you are interested in hiring an apprentice, or taking your existing workforce to the next level through qualifications, please get in touch. Could an apprenticeship be the right next step for you? View our current vacancies.