Apprenticeship Assessment in Lockdown? No problem.

12th May, 2020

End Point Assessments for an apprentice can feel nerve racking even in the most normal of times, but in the middle of a lock down, when you have to take it at home, borrowing equipment from family, and for that equipment to crash… I don’t think we need to explain how that could feel.

This was the reality for Dominic, Customer Service Administrator for Nottingham City Council who was undertaking his assessment for Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship. He showed immense resilience, logged back on, continued, and passed!

“It feels very good to have passed and more so as one of Futures’ first to pass mid lockdown. I was concerned as I had completed all the work and preparation in December – so that alone had about a 4 month gap between finishing and then having to remember everything I had been studying before. So that was a worry I had before even considering the technical side of presenting remotely.

My Futures coach was really on the ball with all the aspects and I don’t think I would have managed as well as I did without her coaching. I really enjoyed doing the apprenticeship, and a lot of the information I needed for my units were things I was beginning to learn as part of my work so that shows that the apprenticeship is well designed. ”

Jade, School Admissions Officer for Nottingham City Council found herself in a similar situation when taking her Business Admin assessment, “I had to do my presentation and mock presentation remotely from my bedroom which felt quite a strange experience but not being able to leave the house gave me a lot more time to prepare which was great!

All the support especially from Sharon and Emily at Futures was amazing and I’m so proud of myself for managing such a great grade under the circumstances.”

“We’re incredibly proud of the flexibility and resilience that continues to be demonstrated by everyone; the apprentices and the skills coaches, everyone is working really hard to ensure the impact of lockdown is kept to a minimum. Across the apprenticeship sector, teaching and learning has been adapted to be delivered remotely across a range of communication channels. We are all in this together and learning from each other how to overcome those unexpected daily surprises, not least the challenge of unplanned IT issues! Congratulations to both Jade and Dominic on their own success and good luck to our next apprentices undertaking ‘lockdown End Point Assessment’ over the next few weeks.” Daphne Saxelby Head of Performance and Innovation

Lockdown? No problem. Business as usual for our apprentices!

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