Apprenticeship Training Agency

Through Futures Employment Solutions, we offer a unique employment service where we are the legal employer for the apprentice.

They work full time in your business. The decision of who works with you is still yours but the risk, compliance and legal responsibilities sit with us.

We provide you with additional resources for mentoring apprentices, expert training, funding advice with a client relationship manager, the sourcing and management of all training providers and an independent health and safety assessment. We can also provide DBS checks if you need them.

Advisory Service

  • Identify recruitment needs
  • Support in creating a job description
  • Recruitment
  • Advertising, screening and shortlisting
  • Free health and safety assessment

Line Management

  • Issue contract of employment, administration of references and right to work information
  • Payroll set up and Monthly salary payments and invoicing
  • Complete required statutory employee health and safety training (inc GDPR)
  • Enrolment on independent occupational health assessments Handback service – end host employer agreement at any point during the contract
  • Access to online and referral platforms
  • Stage one Telephone interviews
  • Stage two face to face (in person or Microsoft Teams/Zoom)
  • Support at face to face employer interviews
  • Full feedback service to all applicants – offer and regret
  • Lead ‘on-boarding’ process from interview to start date
  • Complete and re-charge DBS check costs if required
  • Induction in the first week

Dedicated Relationship Manager

  • Month one face to face review
  • Microsoft Teams/Zoom check in at least every 8 weeks
  • 3,6,12 month formal reviews (including target setting, appraisal and line manager feedback)
  • Exit / next steps review including IAG / career planning / mock interview / job search / cv or application support
  • Full working hours advisory service on HR, Grievance, disciplinary, welfare, safeguarding issues
  • Full working hours mentoring service for all apprentices – pastoral support
  • Training Provider Management - progress reviews, communication and funding, certificates and on-target completion

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