Centre of Excellence

We are education, learning and development specialists.

With over 20 years’ experience supporting schools, colleges and other providers in all aspects of educational reform, skills and development. We are also ambitious to work with all employers with likeminded values and a culture for learning, personal development, and career progression to transform them into highly productive and efficient learning organisations.

We are committed to quality and passionate about businesses and people realising their potential.

We are a Centre for Excellence in Education, Learning and Development.

Our offer includes:

  • A Futures for Business learning & development consortium engaging with employers and education specialist
  • Working with employers and education providers to build skills and talent development plans that identify and nurture emerging talent; provide skills development for line managers, influencers and leaders and overcome issues of staff retention, succession planning and employee engagement.
  • Full utilisation of grants, incentives and available funding
  • Embed a mentoring approach with a constant and curious learning culture


We can help you to make best use of your Apprenticeship Levy or 90% Government contribution to costs by investing in the development of your people.