QCF Level 6 (3 unit) upgrade - Diploma in Career Guidance and Development

Develop your expertise and upgrade existing qualifications.

The Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance sector continues to develop its professional standards, and this course gives advisers the opportunity to develop their expertise and upgrade their existing qualification.

The QCF Level 6 Diploma is considered the industry’s gold standard for those delivering careers information, advice and guidance. Completion of three units from the programme will upgrade existing qualifications to the equivalent of the Level 6 Diploma.Professionals will extend their knowledge, practical skills and develop expertise in the field helping deliver first-class support with confidence.

This course is suitable for people working in a career guidance role who hold an NVQ Level 4 qualification in Advice and Guidance (pre-2010) or an LDSS Level 4 award (including the careers specific units). It is open to individuals working on a contract or self-employed basis, as well as education organisations looking to develop the knowledge of their career professionals.

Completion of all three units, with certification, entitles advisers to join the Career Development Institute UK register of Career Development Professionals.

Note: This opportunity is time-limited. The CDI states that all units must be completed (with certification), and candidates must have joined the register by March 2020.

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Course - QCF Level 4 Diploma in Careers Information and Advice