D2N2 Skills Access Hub

Futures for Business are proud to be a delivery partner in the D2N2 Skills Access Hub, supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to upskill staff and introduce the necessary skills to their business to improve productivity.

European Social Fund

Businesses in the D2N2 region (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire) can explore new skills through apprenticeships, graduate placements and internships for both existing and new employees.

The Skills Access Hub also gives local SMEs the opportunity to make lasting connections with training and education providers, influence local training opportunities for the future and give employees the skills needed to flourish in their own careers while giving the business a competitive edge.

Using our bespoke assessment process, our staff work with each participant to assess their skill level, set goals for which skills they wish to improve and plan the journey they will take to achieve those goals. Personalising support will ensure that everyone can access the training they need and increase the chances of success. Participants work to gain English and Maths skills or Level 2 and 3 qualifications or be supported to enter higher and advanced apprenticeships.

We’ll support employers and employees to apply their training in the workplace once completed in order to benefit long-term. All activities and training will be designed in partnership with employers, in order to deliver a bespoke programme for each business and for interventions to be most effective.

The sectors we’ll be working across include:

- Advanced manufacturing and engineering
- Creative industries
- Health and Social Care
- Food and drink
- Logistics and distribution
- Low carbon
- Professional and financial services
- Sport and Physical Activity
- Textiles
- Tourism and hospitality

We aim to support disadvantaged groups, such as:

- participants over 50 years of age
- participants from ethnic minorities
- participants with disabilities
- participants who live in single adult households
- participants without basic skills
- women in underrepresented sectors

The Futures for Business Sector Led Growth project is part funded by the European Social Fund and works in partnership with Leicester LEP.