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Introducing a new team member who meets the needs of the role and fits in with the team and business culture is crucial.

Specialist Apprenticeship Recruitment Service

By working with us, you have the advantage of being able to select from an existing pool of capable candidates eager to impress and prove their ability. You also have the pick of the best talent drawn from bespoke recruitment campaigns. With years of experience we have a network of partners and access to the best apprenticeship and recruitment sites.

Our full recruitment service is tailored to you and delivered by us with an engaging and inspiring job description, a recruitment plan which reaches the most driven individuals and thorough screening process which puts forward only those we know will enhance your business. The final decision is always yours, and as your trusted partners you can rely on us to help you make the right choice.

Larger recruitment campaigns

If you are recruiting for more than five new staff members we can provide you with a group of job seekers who are hand-picked and match the requirements of your vacancy. Every individual has undergone a recent two-week training course in crucial skills relevant to your business, testing their aptitude and attitude.

Our training courses include business administration, customer service, IT, maths, English, health and social care. Your ready-made candidates go through your selection process for you to choose your recruits and fill your vacancies quickly and effectively.

Risk-free employment

We offer the opportunity for you to get all the benefits of taking on an apprentice but in a risk-free and flexible way through our Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). Futures for Business are the apprentice’s legal employer and we take on all employment and training obligations including compliance and legal responsibilities leaving you to focus on your business.

Additional resources for mentoring come as standard through this unique service, as well as expert training and funding advice, sourcing and management of all training providers and an independent health and safety assessment, plus DBS check where needed.


Fully-funded traineeships support eager young people to combine hands-on work experience with an education and training programme to give the trainee the qualifications and workplace skills employers are looking for. Businesses benefit from fresh ideas and a pool of high-quality future recruits.

We work with determined young people, aged 19 to 24 years, and match them to your needs. We partner with you to build a programme that is designed around your business and its commercial environment and provides a high-quality learning experience for the trainee and a valuable contribution to your everyday operations. A traineeship also offers developmental opportunities for your existing staff through coaching and mentoring, giving you the benefit of additional skills within your workforce.

The commitment is relatively short yet long enough to make an impact on your output, and for the trainee to develop new skills and behaviours. Our fully-funded traineeships last for 16 weeks at the end of which the trainee is guaranteed a job interview with you if a role becomes available.

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