Recruitment and Employment

Introducing a new team member who meets the needs of the role and fits in with the team and business culture is crucial, Futures for Business helps you along the way.

Apprenticeship Recruitment

Firstly, we will meet with you to understand the type of person that you are looking for and if it’s qualifications, experience, attitude, potential or something else that is most important to you.

We will screen all applicants to match your requirements, conduct telephone and face-to-face interviews, provide feedback at every stage and compile a shortlist of applicant profiles for you to choose from and interview. The final decision is always yours, but you can rely on us to help you make the right choice.

Team Recruitment

We can support your recruitment campaigns with training courses that include Business Administration, Customer Service, IT, Maths, English, Health and Social Care. Your ready-made candidates go through the selection process for you to choose your recruits and fill your vacancies quickly and effectively.

Risk-free employment

Would you like the opportunity to get all the benefits of taking on an apprentice but in a risk-free and flexible way? You can with our Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). Futures for Business are the apprentice’s legal employer and we take on all employment and training obligations including compliance and legal responsibilities leaving you to focus on your business. Additional resources for mentoring come as standard through this unique service, as well as expert training and funding advice, sourcing and management of all training providers and an independent health and safety assessment, plus DBS checks where needed. For more information, visit Futures Employment Solutions.

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