Social Responsibility – Embedding Employability in Education

Demonstrating your commitment to being a socially responsible business is easy and enjoyable when you work with us; we create opportunities that engage your employees and have a significant impact on your local community as well as your business.

You and your team can take your talents into schools to help young people in the community learn skills and behaviours which will increase their employability opportunities. Your practical help, advice and mentoring boosts their confidence, improves their capacity and helps create a positive future.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment as well as enhanced your reputation with positive PR, it increases loyalty amongst your customers and engender and engaged and motivated workforce.

Industry Enterprise Days and Workshops

The world of work is changing rapidly and it can be hard for teachers and careers advisers to stay updated with job opportunities and changes within specific industries.

Our Industry Enterprise Days and themed workshops provide you with an opportunity to engage with a whole year group to promote your sector to fill your skills gap and develop a talent pipeline for the future.

Innovative engagement activities targeting at primary and secondary schools, with real life scenarios and solution-focused problem solving with curriculum focused sessions on specific topics from STEM, SMART City, Environment, Heritage etc.

Interview Skills Days

Job interviews remain an essential component of your recruitment planning. A young person’s performance in an interview is the deciding factor in whether they get the job, it is therefore essential they develop their interview skills and experiences.

Our Interview Skill Days provide you as an employer with an opportunity to support students to develop crucial interview skills and real-life recruitments experiences, to prepare them for future career development.

Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC)

The Careers and Enterprise Company was established by the Government in 2015 to provide strategic coordination for schools and colleges, employers, funders and careers programme providers.

The City of Nottingham’s, CEC coordinator, provides support and guidance to Nottingham City schools; to help them meet the requirements of the 2018 Careers Strategy and the 8 Gatsby Benchmark.

The CEC coordinator is also responsible for identifying and recruiting local business professionals as Enterprise Advisors. The Enterprise Advisors work with the senior leadership team of a specific school to help drive employability and entrepreneurial thinking across the organisation.


The future of our economy relies on us inspiring and guiding the workers of tomorrow, today. That is why in Nottingham we have Aspire to give young people the confidence to move into work. Aspire brings together Nottingham’s schools and businesses to help prepare young people for the world of work. A joint initiative by Nottingham City Council and Futures, primary and secondary school students are offered meaningful employer interactions to support their careers awareness and employability skills development.

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