What can an apprenticeship do for your business?

1st March, 2019 Read time: 2 min

Futures for Business works with employers to find the best talent and increase skills to a high level. Find out more about apprenticeships and the benefits they have for employers.

Whether you are a business owner or a team leader, the performance of your people can reflect on your own success and that of the company as a whole. Investing in staff – both current and those who are new to the business, is one of the most effective ways to ensure your people have up-to-date skills, feel valued and are producing the highest standard of work they are capable of.

There are many ways to invest in your staff, including:


If you are thinking about hiring new staff soon, an apprentice could be the perfect fit. By hiring an apprentice, you invest in the next generation of staff in your sector, as apprentices are trained while working for your company, you know that they are using current best practice and are learning the latest skills and techniques in your industry.

Find out more.

Grants, Funding and Support

There are many services and funds in place to support businesses looking to invest in their people. These include the Apprenticeship levy, which we can help you to understand and use effectively, or getting help with funding through Nottingham City Council’s Stay Ahead project.

Get help with funding and support.

Careers Leaders Qualifications

If you hire people who are responsible for delivering careers advice, it might be time to expand on, or brush up, their qualifications. Our Careers Leaders Qualifications support your people to provide expert guidance and advice. Our training meets the Gatsby benchmarks, in line with the government Careers Strategy and the qualifications promoted by The Career Development Institute. Our course leaders are specialist who work to empower learners to grow their confidence and understand their role in more detail.

Read more about our Careers Leaders Qualifications

Futures can help you to find the right people to fit your business’ needs and culture. Whether it’s one vacancy or a full recruitment campaign, we support employers every step of the way to find at retain people who improve the business and make worthwhile contributions.

We work with employers to identify key groups to recruit from, hold information sessions to engage with ideal candidates and even offer training and pre-employment programmes to ensure that your new employees are completely ready to step into their new role.

Read more about our Recruitment and Employment services

In addition, apprenticeships can be a great way to improve the skills and knowledge of your existing workforce. Find out more about investing in apprenticeships

At futures, we believe that we are only as good as the people we work with and who work for us. We carry this principle into our partnerships with employers, schools and training providers to ensure that the best people deliver our services, to find the best people to deliver yours.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you to invest in your people and ensure your business is the best it can be.

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