Customer Service Apprentice at Axies Digital

Level 3 Customer Service Apprenticeship

Employer Axies Digital
Vacancy type Apprenticeship
Weekly working hours Monday to Friday 9 till 5 but flexible working patterns can be arranged with employer
Salary £18,000 - £23,000
Location Leicester City
Closing Date 25 August, 2021 at 17:00
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  • Axies Digital

    Welcome to the Axies Digital Group. We offer advanced enriched training and development designed to enhance hard skills within marketing whilst developing your soft skills. At Axies Digital we believe the power of digital marketing is to form deep relationships to form a community who share values. This is supplemented by learning and understanding through data to segment groups to ideal products and services. All of our projects are led with developing relationships at the heart of them. We don’t believe value is created overnight but does take constant effort over time. Our most successful project is Volta Blue. This is a business community of masterminders which consists of over 850 highly engaged business leaders. All sharing knowledge and experience to form authentic relationships. You will learn how to form professional relationships on LinkedIn, and learn directly from a practicing digital marketers specialising in relationship building.

  • Digital marketing is not simply about creating beautiful content and posting on social media platforms. We believe it is about forming deep relationships whilst improving your approach at every stage of the journey. This is done through reflecting by tracking and measuring. We will provide development with practical experience of using LinkedIn connection building, starting conversations and developing business opportunities. You will get to see if you have the natural skills to become a master networker / community builder through the Volta Blue environment. The programme will give you the opportunity to develop soft skills, e.g confidence, communication, adapting conversation styles, in a supportive and forward looking environment. Digital platforms are an opportunity to spark conversations and be able to convert into physical interactions such as video calls to understand the business challenges of individuals. You will develop an approach to understand the psychology and behaviours of business leaders to form business relationships and invite individuals to Volta Blue. This developments the community and allows Axies Digital to further develop relationships with the business leaders. Other ongoing tasks: 1.Supporting the sales team 2.Problem Solving & Research 3.Occassional video calls 4.Attend occasional Volta Blue sessions Key Tasks Performed It is a prerequisite for team members to update their LinkedIn profile to indicate being part of the Axies Digital team within the banner, title, description and work history. Develop a presence for Axies Digital within business circles: 1. Connecting with established business decision makers on LinkedIn. 2. Building rapport and exploring their business challenges 3. Invite them to Volta Blue 4. Gain feedback of their session and encourage individuals to share with their personal network 5. Attend business networking video calls. Provide Marketing insights within circles to develop personal marketing authority. Connect with individuals on LinkedIn 6. Develop opportunities to have one to one video calls to understand business challenge and provide business solutions based on understanding 7. Research into industries (Small & Big) and take interest to develop local business economy 8. Develop your personal LinkedIn profile and post regular content to develop authority within the marketing industry whilst promoting Axies Digital and values of Volta Blue Responsibilities for Staff and Equipment 1. Work towards a structured plan and updating work activities on excel spreadsheet 2. Demonstrate a positive attitude towards forming professional relationships with businesses 3. Take an interest in understanding business journeys and industries 4. Develop soft skills to relationship building and encourage working as a team 5. Involve and form professional relationships with the Volta Blue team 6. Attend necessary training and development sessions 7. Support and take an interest with the business growth of Axies Digital and Volta Blue 8. Encourage client business growth where possible. Engage regularly with LinkedIn posts on company pages and individual team profiles 9. Provide your own equipment when working from home and ensure you have a safe, practical working space