What Can Hiring An Apprentice Do For Your Business?

26th October, 2018

Are you looking to introduce new people to your company? It’s an exciting time when you find there’s room and budget to add new faces to the team. Especially if you are considering hiring an apprentice.

Apprenticeships have been around since the Middle Ages. Craftsmanship and skills have traditionally been passed on from generation to generation through apprentices. With the modernisation of qualifications and a rise in theory-based earning, the hands-on method of ‘growing into’ a business has become less commonplace.

However, businesses that continue to hire apprentices, and those who decide to join the ranks now, will see a range of benefits, including:

1. The introduction of new skills

Those who have recently left school will be entering the workforce with more up-to-date skillsets than those who started working even five years ago. With rapid advances in technology, the knowledge of today’s 16-year-old can be surprisingly different to someone who sat their GCSEs in 2008 or even five years ago.

For example, Information Computer technology (ICT) GCSEs were replaced by Computer Science as recently as 2015, and the curriculum has begun to lean toward coding and programming much heavier since that change.

This is invaluable if your company is looking to move into a digital space or make use of emerging technologies, hiring someone who has grown up alongside technology might be the key to unlocking it.

2. A new perspective on old issues

Sometimes, fresh eyes can make solving a problem seem so simple. By introducing the next generation of workers into your business you may find that there are new answers to problems that have previously seemed insurmountable.

This could take the form of new software or knowledge of an initiative which you were not previously aware of, for example. In addition, introducing new people to a company can result in more streamlined processes as new people often have suggestions which go against the ‘It’s always been done that way’ mindset that long-term employees can fall into.

3. Giving back to the local community

Hiring apprentices is a two-way transaction. While your business will benefit from a fresh perspective, up-to-date skills and a burst of motivation and energy, you are also helping someone to find their feet in the world of work, gain knowledge and skills in a sector that interests them.

Even if you only hire one apprentice, you are still having an impact on the life of that person, and improving the opportunities for success facing them.

In essence, it’s a win-win situation. You and your business gain staff and increase overall productivity by having and extra pair of hands available, while the apprentice gains skills and real-life workplace experience.

4. Mentoring talent from the beginning of their career

For many businesses, hiring an apprentice is the start of a longer relationship. That means the person you hire is able to use their skills and the knowledge they gain in the classroom to improve and benefit your business. By hiring someone as an apprentice before taking them on full-time after their studies, you are investing in an employee from the beginning of their career.

Employees are much more likely to remain loyal to a business which supports their professional development. In addition, investing in the training and education of an employee from the beginning of their career means that they do not have the opportunity to form habits whilst working with other companies.

Did you know?

Government funding can help you to cover the costs of hiring an apprenticeship, no matter how big or small your business is. Find out more or get in touch
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