Supporting Your Students to Get Ready for Working Life


"What Next?" is a question that most people get asked regularly.

With the Unlocking Potential Hub – What Next? Project, we are supporting young people with their "What next?". By engaging small to medium enterprises across Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, we are working as a team to create meaningful experiences for young people, to inspire and inform of their next best steps.

We have a great wealth of knowledge and experience including three enterprise coordinators who work extremely close with the D2N2 LEP and The Careers and Enterprise Company. 

The Unlocking Potential Hub- What Next? is a 3 year project that runs until December 2023. Overall the project will:

Engage with 198 employers across D2N2, engage 149 of those in a meaningful activity with young people and ensure 2,343 participants have taken part in the activities that have been created.

The project supports the whole of D2N2 and is supported by a number of named partners. Futures being the lead project manager, alongside its partners;

  • Nottinghamshire County council and Nottingham city council
  • Derbyshire County council and Derby city council
  • Princes Trust
  • Work pays
  • D2N2 LEP and the
  • Chamber of commerce

The project has been designed to deliver a centralised hub of resources which includes coordinating activities that engage SME’s across D2N2. Engaged SME’s will help to inspire, encourage and prepare young people for their “What Next” steps when finishing school or college. By working with SME’s, young people are understanding through employer encounters, what is needed in the world of work and providing them with a true insight.