Reaching out to schools and colleges benefits both businesses and people: students and education leaders are better equipped, and businesses can be a true force for good and cement their community value.

When a young person has four or more encounters with an employer, they are five times less likely to be unemployed in their adult life. But these life-changing opportunities are not equally available to all students.

Employers tell us they want to do more, but struggle with where to start, and are unsure about how to make their encounters with young people meaningfulWe’re working to change this with our Connection partnerships. 

Connecting Businesses

Engaging with young people provides businesses with the chance to close skills gaps, but to truly solve these challenges, work must start in schools.

We provide the link between your business and the schools that have the potential to feed your future workforce or form a new customer base.



  • Nurture your future talent pipeline
  • Create an aging workforce strategy
  • Connect with young people and help them prepare for the working world
  • Cement your firm’s value in your community and overall contribution to society

Connecting with schools makes a real and significant difference to young people’s life chances, and it’s something every business – whatever your size, sector – can do.

Connecting Schools

It’s critical that every young person has equal chances to succeed in later life – and business can play a huge role in securing those opportunities.

1 in 4 young people do not feel adequately prepared by their education for the world of work, yet 65% of businesses are willing to play a greater role in supporting schools and colleges. Futures are here to bridge that gap. 



  • Sourcing employers to provide mentoring opportunities
  • Providing localised job market insight
  • Creating long-term work experience pledges 
  • Strategy for acheiving Gatsby benchmark five 


Futures are dedicated to ensuring social equality across the Midlands to ensure that every young person has equal chances to connect with business and succeed in later life.

The change we're working for

We’re asking every Midlands employer to step up, to recognise their role in preparing young people for the modern world, and connect with the education system. This means engaging with school and colleges, and helping young people to understand the opportunities that are available to them.

Step one: Assess the ways in which your business could tangibly support schools and colleges – from offering work experience to mentoring school leaders 

Step two: Connect with your local Futures partnership manager to be matched with schools that will most benefit from your initiatives

Step three: Pledge your business' commitment to supporting the schools, colleges and young people who would benefit most

Ready to leave your legacy in your community?