The True Value of Apprenticeships in 2022

5th May, 2022 Read time: Two minutes

Earlier this year, we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week – a week that focused on the theme of ‘building the future’, a theme that we believe aligns flawlessly to the core of our business.

We are committed to the practical support that will bring together the energy and open mindedness of a young generation with the wisdom of our nations experienced workforce. 

Apprenticeships offer an empowering route for young people into work, as well as preparing businesses to combat an ever-growing world of skill shortages. Through diverse and relevant training, both apprentices and the businesses who hire them have the ability to tackle skills shortages head on.   

Our training offer encourages apprentices from different business within the sector to collaborate. This encourages wider learning of different organisational structure and sharing best practice. 


“We are all about impact reviewing and continuous improvement in our everyday thread of delivery and all that we do. 

We have highly qualified sector experts supporting our vision, dedicated to our delivery model within Education, Digital, and Business Services aligning communities and partnering with businesses. As we are collectively aligned with the overall Futures strategy.” 

Sarah Clifford - Head of Apprenticeships at The Futures Group. 


As a training provider, Futures are here to offer guidance and to support businesses in diversifying their hiring streams in the face of national skills shortages. Our apprenticeships meet a need for more specific skills than are being provided by a graduate labour market focused on a more generic education.  

Navaz Dean, Director of Human Resources at YU Energy, commented: "businesses must begin to recognise the value in identifying talent early in a career and the unparalleled opportunity this offers to mould a motivated and highly skilled workforce." 


Throughout National Apprenticeship Week, we were privileged to be joined by Yu Energy as well as many other organisations and apprentices to share a host of insider content focused on bringing to the forefront the reality of apprenticeships and just how much they can benefit businesses and individuals alike. 


If your business is looking for support in recruiting apprentices, get in touch with Futures for Business today. Our experts are on hand to support you through every step of the process. 

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