A Day of Celebration – Welcoming Our Class of 2022 Level 5 & 6 Apprenticeship Graduates

3rd November, 2022 Read time: Two minutes

During October, we held our very first Futures graduation ceremony and welcomed the group of hard-working individuals who recently completed their level 5 Operations Departmental Manager & 6 Career Development Professional apprenticeships.

A day to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our cohort of apprenticeship graduates. An occasion filled with plenty of smiles and cheers from friends, family and Futures employees who supported the graduates through all the ups and downs of their studies.  

Nona White, our Delivery Manager for Apprenticeships, captured the significance of the day perfectly: 

“Celebrating success is vitally important within apprenticeships for both learners and Skills Coaches, even more so following the last few years we have all been through. I was honoured to have been part of the graduation day and to see the happiness and pride of our apprentices and their friends, family and employers, and rightly so.  All have worked immensely hard to complete their higher apprenticeship, whilst at the same time working towards those future opportunities.” 

The ceremony began with a warm welcome from Sandra Cowley, Futures Director of Strategy, Growth and Partnerships. As an advocate for lifelong learning, Sandra gave an inspiring speech followed encouraging the apprentices that their graduation is just the beginning of a prosperous future. 


The Communications team had their cameras at the ready throughout the day to capture smiles, graduation gowns and an improvised cap toss.  

During the ceremony, we also placed a spotlight on the support our graduates received from their employers, friends and skills coaches. Sarah Clifford, our Head of Apprenticeships here at Futures addressed how having a strong and supportive network of people can be a significant contribution to the apprentice's success. Therefore, it was important we thanked those who were there during the ebb and flows of their journey 

All apprentices' huge success comes from the support they have received in their learning experiences at work and in life. Sarah Clifford

Sandra Cowley (left) and Sarah Clifford (right) addressing the audience of graduates, family and employers.  

Our graduates have become a part of a community of Futures Alumni, a space full of networking opportunities and continued career support. They have the opportunity to share their experience as an Ambassador for Futures, encouraging the next generation of apprentices.  

Zara Azam, Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager Graduate touches on how her apprenticeship has impacted her future at Yu Energy.  

I was the first colleague internally to be recognised and promoted to Head of Department, which I attribute to my commitment to continued learning and development. Zara Azam

Zara is one of the 18 graduates we celebrated at the ceremony, and we are proud of every single one of them.  

Here at Futures, we are excited to host many more occasions just like this, inspiring others to challenge themselves and discover their potential.  

If you’re interested in exploring how apprenticeships can strengthen your workforce, click here.
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