Get Free Numbers Support for Your Staff this Summer

21st June, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

The summer season is upon us, and you might be surprised to realise just how often numbers crop up in your plans.

Whether it’s in the office, trying to figure out how to split the bill after a working lunch in the sun, or back at home, calculating just how many burgers you need for the barbecue, numbers are all around us, even when the sun is shining.  

Which means summer is the perfect time to offer your employees a free maths course.  

Here are just three reasons why our Multiply: Confidence in Numbers course could be great for your business: 

It Provides Cost of Living Support to Your People 

The Cost of Living crisis has had a significant impact on everyone, from their wallets to their wellbeing. Our courses can be tailored to ensure that your employees are developing not just the skills that will help them at work, but also the skills to support them at home.    

With courses available in managing budgets and building confidence, a maths course can give your people a helping hand during difficult times.

Add Value to Employees When Pay Rises Aren’t Possible

It’s not just households that are being impacted by the current financial landscape – it's businesses, too. If you’re business isn’t currently in the position to offer pay rises to valued members of staff, offering development opportunities can reward and incentivise them in different ways.  

When employees feel valued and invested in, their commitment to your business increases, leading to more productivity, more satisfaction, and more smiles all around.

Skills Development Increases Productivity Levels 

In the UK, we’re seeing a dip in productivity levels. In fact, last quarter, our country saw the weakest annual growth in output per hours worked since 2013, with sectors such as retail, finance, and public service struggling the most to improve productivity. 

One solution? Develop the skills of your workforce!

Training boosts the confidence and performance of employees, which goes on to have a positive impact of the productivity of the overall business.

There are a host of other benefits to training your staff – this is just one of them! 

The Best Bit... 

We’ve already mentioned it once, but it bears repeating: our courses are delivered at no cost to your business! Thanks to Government funding, we’re able to deliver bespoke workshops direct to your staff, at a time and a place that suits you.  

The only thing you need to invest is just six hours of your employee's time for them to complete the course. 


Numbers courses are invaluable to the people who complete them, helping them to feel confident to support their families, go for promotions at work, and build themselves a better future.

This summer, save your pennies for the amusements and sign your staff up a free course with us instead.

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