Nottingham Getting Apprentices Ready for the Next Step

22nd January, 2019

Futures for Business held a “Ready for the Next Step” training day last week at their facilities at The Hub on Friar Lane, Nottingham. The day brought together apprentices from multiple employers to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of communication and hear from each other on their experiences in their current roles.

Working closely with Futures for Business, EML Skills designed and delivered a tailor made Apprenticeship Event entitled “The Communication Masterclass”. This interactive event combined elements of traditional training along with highly interactive practical challenges for a group of nearly 40 apprentices from a range of employers across the East Midlands. The purpose of this particular training was to explore the importance of effective communication internally and externally, and how to deliver excellence in service through communication skills.

"Bringing people together from different businesses provides a unique learning opportunity. Whilst the learning we do independently is important, it’s equally important to see how other people interact and collaborate. We’d like to thank the team at EML for delivering such a fun, yet beneficial training day.” Sandra Cowley, Commercial Director at Futures for Business

The morning was focused on understanding what communication is and how our preferences influence and affect others. The afternoon session was a high-energy session pitting teams against the clock to solve puzzles and build Lego towers – a great way for learners to apply the new skills they had developed earlier in the day. Anna, completing a Leadership and Management apprenticeship commented, “It was a thought provoking and engaging session where we were given the opportunity to put the theory into practice, which provided really valuable insight.”

Chris, Director at Skills at EML comments, “The event was designed to get people thinking about how their communication skills were fundamental to their own success in their roles, and the morning session focused on how we could all make better use of some of the communication tools we take for granted.”

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